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Black BT SusEx pedal SusEx Pedal

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BLACKBT SusEx Pedal “World's first combo pedal”

Launched at NAMM 2023. World's 1st pedal to have footswitch and continuous control in the same body.
NAMM Show | SusEx Pedal Launch NAMM Show

BlackBT® SusEx® Pedal Launches at 2023 NAMM SHOW

BlackBT debuts SusEx Pedal with Jordan Rudess

Black BT SusEx Pedal

After 50 years of stagnation, comes a revolution in pedal technology, as BlackBT SusEx ushers in an era where the pedal is not an accessory of afterthought, but a critical part of your musical creative workflow.

Key Features

Cutting edge technology

World’s First Combo Pedal

Fast switch and continuous control in a single unified form factor that is portable and truly multi functional.

Auto-mode switching

It is the first pedal capable of auto-switching modes by sensing the foot position on the top surface of the pedal.


The in-built microcontroller generating BLE MIDI enables it to work as a standalone MIDI device capable of connecting to all BLE MIDI enabled devices as a controller.



Meet the Black BT SusEx Pedal, the World's first combo pedal that combines foot switch / note trigger and continuous control functionality.

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Experts Speak

One of the very first music technology hardware startups from India.

AR RahmanMusic Director and Composer

Awesome pedal technology! Add more expression to your music with the magic of this pedal

Jordan RudessGrammy nominated keyboardist, composer, Dream Theatre

The SusEx pedal enables keyboardists, MIDI guitar players as well as beat makers to really express their musicality in an easier, more natural way

Sanjay CMusic Producer

Still thinking why to buy?

Here are some reasons


Save at least 30% of your music programming timeline by using the SusEx to unify automation into performance


The SusEx replaces or negates the need to have multiple pedals thereby saving 3 times


Even if you are producing music on a portable setup, you can still have total control of all synth / performance parameters


Whether a professional or amateur, after using the SusEx, you will understand what total control over expression can do to your music


Can I connect more than one SusEx simultaneously?

Yes. You can connect upto two via BLE MIDI and you would need the HubBLE IOS/ Android App to reroute the CC messages for multi-parameter control.

Can I use the wires Sustain connection at the same time as BLE?

Yes. You can connect the SusEx via wired sustain to a separate keyboard instrument while its connected via BLE to another device.

I'm a bedroom music producer, why do I need a SusEx pedal?

The SusEx is the only pedal you will need to complete your music production setup as it gives you total handsfree control over essential synth or performance parameters of every possible sampler to synth plugin, including fader automation.

I'm a guitarist. Will I still be able to use the SusEx?

Yes. If you want to control FX Pedal Plugins inside a DAW the SusEx is the best solution out there that is portable and multifunctional.

I'm a drummer. How is the SusEx different from regular drum trigger pedals?

Regular drum trigger pedals are part of an electronic drum ecosystem and rarely function outside them. The SusEx is capable of working with any drum sampler or synthesizer via BLE MIDI.